VividFISH™ probe set for CEP10/PTEN

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The VividFISH™ CEP10/PTEN probe set detects aberrant loss of the phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) gene on chromosome 10 (NCBI GeneID:5728). Loss of PTEN, a tumor suppressor, is associated with many cancer types, including those of the brain and breast. The VividFISH™ CEP10/PTEN probe set, which is a combination of one probe detecting the PTEN gene and a second control probe detecting the centromere of chromosome 10, provides a valuable tool for diagnosis of cancers in a variety of tissues.

Vividfish Cep10 Pten E1458940308467

Pretreatment of FFPE samples can be performed with GeneCopoeias VividFISH™ FFPE-pretreatment Kit.

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