3-D Life PVA-HA Hydrogel SG Kit

The 3-D Life PVA-HA Hydrogel SG Kit provides reagents for setting up slow gelling, cell-compatible hydrogels.

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Major components of the 3-D Life PVA-HA Hydrogel SG Kit are SG-PVA and the thiol-functionalized hyaluronic acid crosslinker HyLink. When the two reagents are combined, thiol groups on HyLink form stable thioether bonds with thiol-reactive groups on SG-PVA, which results in the formation of the gel. The components are mixed at physiological pH (pH 7.2) for optimal cell compatibility. The slow gelation kinetics allows enough time to conveniently manipulate the solution before the onset of gel formation. The hydrogel allows cell spreading and migration if cell adhesion peptides are present in the gel.

Prior to the crosslinking step, cell adhesion peptides (e.g. 3-D Life RGD Peptide, Cat. No. 09-P-001-CS) can be covalently attached to a portion of the SH-reactive groups on SG-PVA to provide a cell-adhesive matrix.


3-D cell cultures, , hydrogel injections, filling of microchannels, generation of soft to very stiff gels.


Material Quantity Concentration of reactive groups
SG-PVA 170 µl 30 mmol/L
HyLink, lyophilized 2 x 200 µl* 10 mmol/L*
10x CB (pH 7.2) 200 µl n.a.
Water 2 x 1500 µl n.a
*Volume/concentration after reconstitution of lyophilisate.

3-D Life
  Hydrogels can be set up with various compositions. For calculation of the volumes of components please use the Calculation Tool.

For more information about the complete 3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogel System please refer to the 3-D Life Hydrogel User Guide.

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