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The VitroINK  system is ready-to-use at room temperature, neutral in pH, transparent, and has excellent visibility after printing and cell culture. Due to the unique shear-thinning and rapid recovery mechanical property, VitroINK can maintain the printed structure without UV or other special curing methods. Adding cell culture medium after printing can further stabilize the printed structure and support cell growth.

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Product Description

VitroINK® RGD ready-to-use, xeno-free (animal origin-free) bioink system modified with RGD cell adhesive peptide, promoting the cell attachment and cell-matrix interactions. This RGD modified bioink can enhance cell adhesion, proliferation, motility/migration and differentiation in different applications.

  • Xeno-free tunable bioink modified with RGD peptide
  • Promote cell adhesion, proliferation, motility/migration and differentiation
  • Ready-to-use at room temperature
  • No UV, temperature/pH curing or chemical cross-linking required
  • Neutral pH
  • Transparent.  Excellent visibility after printing and cell culture

Cells can be pre-mix with VitroINK using our VitroINK Mixing Kit for mixing ratios at 3:1 or 10:1. Different versions of VitroINK may incorporate multiple biological functional ligands to promote cell attachment, cell-matrix interactions, cell proliferation, motility/migration and differentiation for many different applications.

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