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Human ApoA2 IQELISA Kit

Reactivity: Human
Sample Type: Cell Culture Supernatants Plasma Serum
Sensitivity: 0.0025 ng/ml (Anticipated minimum sensitivity. Assay may detect lower levels of antigen.)
Design Principle: DNA-Antibody Pair
Detection qPCR
Additional Information
Target Name: ApoA2
Synonyms: Apolipoprotein A- II (Apo- AII) (ApoA- II) (Apolipoprotein A2) [Cleaved into: Proapolipoprotein A- II (ProapoA- II) Truncated apolipoprotein A- II (Apolipoprotein A- II(1- 76))]
Organism: Homo sapiens
Gene ID: 336
UniProt ID: P02652
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