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BioChain’s QPCR SuperMix is a 2x concentration of premix reagent including Hotstart DNA polymerase and specially formulated real time buffer designed for real-time PCR with intercalator format. Pro QPCR Supermix is in the format of fluorescent probe-based detection assays, such as TaqMan or molecular beacons.

BioChain’s QPCR SuperMix contains BioChain’s Taq polymerase with hot start capability, which improves PCR amplification reactions by decreasing nonspecific amplification and preventing primer-dimer formation. This enzyme is activated after an initial seven to ten minutes heating at 95°C. The real-time PCR buffer is specially formulated to provide superior specificity and increase amplification efficiency. This SuperMix can amplify and detect a broad range of DNA or cDNA targets, including those are GC- or AT-rich. 


  • Convenient - All reaction components are supplied for quick and easy set up
  • Save time - Ready-to-use SuperMix reduces setup time and liquid handling steps
  • Wide dynamic range: good linearity and excellent PCR efficiency over an 9 orders of dynamic range
  • High Sensitivity - detect as low as 10 copies of DNA
  • Amplify and detect a broad range of DNA or cDNA targets- including those that are GC- or AT-rich
  • Flexible – Compatible with most of the real-time PCR instruments


  • Real-Time PCR
  • Gene expression profiling
  • Gene knockdown verification
  • Array validation 
  • Price
  • 240,00 €
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