Power Eva QPCR SuperMix Kit

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BioChain’s Power Eva QPCR SuperMix is a 2x concentration of premix reagent including Hotstart DNA polymerase and Eva Dye and specially formulated real time buffer designed for real-time PCR with intercalator format. 

The Taq polymerase with hot start capability improves PCR amplification reactions by decreasing non-specific amplification and preventing primer-dimer formation. This enzyme is activated after an initial seven to ten minutes heating at 95°C. The real-time PCR buffer is specially formulated to provide superior specificity and increase amplification efficiency. This SuperMix can amplify and detect a broad range of DNA or cDNA targets, including those are GC or AT-rich.


  • Convenient - All reaction components are supplied for quick and easy set up
  • Save time - Ready-to-use SuperMix reduces setup time and liquid handling steps
  • Wide dynamic range - good linearity and excellent PCR efficiency over an 8 orders of dynamic range
  • High Sensitivity - detect as low as 20 copies of DNA.
  • Amplify and detect a broad range of DNA or cDNA targets- including those that are GC or AT-rich
  • Flexible – Compatible with most of the real-time PCR instruments.


  • Real-Time PCR
  • Gene expression profiling
  • Gene knockdown verification
  • Array validation
  • Price
  • 409,00 €
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