LUNA Automated Cell Counter

Our first, the LUNA™ classic can count stained or unstained cells in just 7 seconds. Simple and accurate, the LUNA™ remains a favorite.

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Product Description

The LUNA™ automated cell counter for brightfield cell counting is as popular as ever for its small footprint, ergonomic design, and most importantly, reliably accurate cell counts. The LUNA™ captures a high resolution image of your cells and analyzes the image to produce total, live, and dead cell counts in as little as 7 seconds. Get total cell counts for unstained cells and cell viability data for cells stained with trypan blue or erythrosin B. Live cells are tagged with green circles and dead cells are tagged with red circles, making it easy to verify the accuracy of each count. This little counter sits comfortably in a cell culture hood or on your benchtop to fit seamlessly into your workflow.


Clumpy cells? No problem. An advanced declustering algorithm detects individual cells in clusters.


Print data with the built-in printer or export high-resolution images, data, and full data reports via USB.

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