PhotonSlide 2-Channel (50 slides)

Ultra-low autofluorescence for best signal-to-noise ratios in challenging fluorescence cell couting applications  

Product Description

The PhotonSlide is specifically designed for the LUNA-FL and LUNA-FX7 Dual Fluorescence Cell Counters providing an outstanding fluorescence signal due to ultra-low autofluorescence.

These disposable precsion slides offer the ultimate counting experience with no mess or cleanup, while maintaining the highest standard of cell counting accuracy.

The disposable counting slide has two chambers, labeled A and B. One slide can be used for same sample reading in duplicate or it can be used for two different samples.

Users of the LUNA-FL and the LUNA-FX7 are recommended to use the PhotonSlide, especially for yeast counting and GFP transfection assays.

2channel Slide

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