LUNA-FX7 Automated Cell Counter, Basic Package

The LUNA-FX7 is the latest, most powerful member of the LUNA cell counter family to date. It offers unmatched cell counting accuracy, a maximum counting volume of 5.1 µL (10 times that of conventional cell counters), all new optics, dual fluorescence and brightfield illumination, a fast and precise autofocus, and multichannel pipette-ready 8-channel slides to count up to eight samples simultaneously. 

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Product Description

Cell culture experiments made easier and faster. The LUNA-FX7 is the most advanced member of the LUNA cell counter family. It can meet highest demands in counting accuracy, reliability and data compliance.  

  • All new optics and upgraded software algorithm with high-speed and precision autofocus
  • Options for a diverse range of slides (8-, 3-, 2-, 1-chamber formats)
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi, USB device, or Ethernet
  • 256 GB in-built storage capacity
  • New validation slides for fast, convenient QC with highest precision available
  • The LUNA-FX7 is also offered with an Advanced Package (L70002-LG)  

LUNA-FX7 Video:

Bioprocess: Why standardized cell counting is critical to assess viability and concentration. Learn more in this webinar.

Convenient and High-Speed Workflow

As easy as 1-2-3. With a highly intuitive user interface, the LUNA-FX7 eliminates unnecessary operations. In three easy steps, the precise autofocus feature produces accurate and reliable results in less time. Load – Count – Read Results. It’s that easy. The LUNA-FX7 truly streamlines workflow creating an efficiently run lab with exceptionally accurate data.

Simple Optimization & Data Management

Manage Your Data with Precision. With brightfield and dual fluorescent detection options, multiple counting modes and customizable protocols, the LUNA-FX7 gives you control over your data. You have the flexibility to optimize for your cell and sample type with the assurance of built-in quality control features. The re-analysis feature lets you easily review and analyze previous counts using different protocol settings providing more options for data parsing. Counting results can be transferred and saved by USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. In addition, results may be exported as a CSV summary or a comprehensive PDF report with raw and tagged images.

Reliable Results across a Wide Concentration Range

Meeting demand. Researchers across the globe have spoken and demanded an extremely accurate cell counter that has a fast and reliable autofocusing ability that can produce high quality images. The state-of-the-art optical system, superior dynamic range, and advanced delcustering algorithm allow the LUNA-FX7 to meet this demand.

Diverse Cell Counting Applications. The LUNA-FX7's broad cell detection range, 1 x 104 cells/mL to 5 x 107 cells/mL eliminates the need to dilute or concentrate samples, making the LUNA-FX7 suitable for diverse cell counting applications including single-cell sequencing and CAR-T cell therapy.

Multiple Slide Options, Simple Handling

Versatile Slide Options. The LUNA-FX7 can accommodate multiple slide options. The multi-channel pipette compatible 8-channel slides maximize throughput; the 3-channel slides facilitate easier data handling and organization; and the single channel slides, with a nearly 5 μL counting volume, promote increased accuracy and precision. With 'One and Done' slide insertion, a slide is inserted once and the LUNA-FX7 will count all the chambers without the need to remove and reinsert the slide.

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Quality Control - Trust in Your Data

Innovation at your fingertips. Our innovative quality control feature ensures that you can be confident in your data. In conjunction with our pre-fixed fluorescent or brightfield validation slides, the QC functions allow you to store, monitor, and analyze instrument performance over time. By establishing user-defined acceptance limits, the automated tracking and charting functions will help ensure compliance with the most rigorous QA/QC criteria.

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