LUNA-FX7 Automated Cell Counter, Advanced Package

The LUNA-FX7 is the latest, most powerful member of the LUNA cell counter family to date. It offers unmatched cell counting accuracy, a maximum counting volume of 5.1 µL (10 times that of conventional cell counters), all new optics, dual fluorescence and brightfield illumination, a fast and precise autofocus, and multichannel pipette-ready 8-channel slides to count up to eight sample simultaneously. The advanced package offers extended internal storage capacity of 1 TB as well as additional software features to monitor, record and analyze different bioprocessing activities individually.   

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Product Description

Cell culture experiments made easier and faster. The LUNA-FX7™  (Advanced Package) is the leading member of the LUNA cell counter family. It can meet highest demands in counting accuracy, reliability and data compliance, i.e. for bioprocessing applications.  

  • All new optics and upgraded software algorithm with high-speed and precision autofocus
  • Options for a diverse range of slides (8-, 3-, 2-, 1-chamber formats).
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi, USB device, or Ethernet
  • Extended 1 TB in-built storage capacity
  • Additional software features to monitor growth rates and generate trend charts  
  • Includes LUNA-FX7 IQ/OQ Protocol as well as LUNA Brightfield and Fluorescence Validation Slides 
  • The LUNA-FX7 is also offered with a Basic Package (L70001-LG)  

LUNA-FX7 Video:

Bioprocess: Why standardized cell counting is critical to assess viability and concentration. Learn more in this webinar.

Convenient and High-speed Workflow

As easy as 1-2-3. With a highly intuitive user interface, the LUNA-FX7 eliminates unnecessary operations. In three easy steps, the precise autofocus feature produces accurate and reliable results in less time. Load – Count – Read Results. It’s that easy. The LUNA-FX7 truly streamlines workflow creating an efficiently run lab with exceptionally accurate data.

Simple Optimization & Data Management

Manage Your Data with Precision. With brightfield and dual fluorescent detection options, multiple counting modes and customizable protocols, the LUNA-FX7 gives you control over your data. You have the flexibility to optimize for your cell and sample type with the assurance of built-in quality control features. The re-analysis feature lets you easily review and analyze previous counts using different protocol settings providing more options for data parsing. Counting results can be transferred and saved by USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. In addition, results may be exported as a CSV summary or a comprehensive PDF report with raw and tagged images.

Reliable Results across a Wide Concentration Range

Meeting demand. Researchers across the globe have spoken and demanded an extremely accurate cell counter that has a fast and reliable autofocusing ability that can produce high quality images. The state-of-the-art optical system, superior dynamic range, and advanced delcustering algorithm allow the LUNA-FX7 to meet this demand.

Diverse Cell Counting Applications. The LUNA-FX7's broad cell detection range, 1 x 104 cells/mL to 5 x 107 cells/mL eliminates the need to dilute or concentrate samples, making the LUNA-FX7 suitable for diverse cell counting applications including single-cell sequencing and CAR-T cell therapy.

Multiple Slide Options, Simple Handling

Versatile Slide Options. The LUNA-FX7TM can accommodate multiple slide options. The multi-channel pipette compatible 8-channel slides maximize throughput; the 3-channel slides facilitate easier data handling and organization; and the single channel slides, with a nearly 5 μL counting volume, promote increased accuracy and precision. With 'One and Done' slide insertion, a slide is inserted once and the LUNA-FX7 will count all the chambers without the need to remove and reinsert the slide.

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Unique Bioprocess Mode

Easy and conveninet monitoring of different bioprocessing activities. New bioprocess software features allow you to monitor, record, and analyze your diffenrent bioprocessing activities individually. Growth rates and trend charts can be generated allowing you to trace fermentations or cell production runs and accurately forecast timelines.

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Quality Control - Trust in Your Data

Innovation at your fingertips. Our innovative quality control feature ensures that you can be confident in your data. In conjunction with our pre-fixed fluorescent or brightfield validation slides, the QC functions allow you to store, monitor, and analyze instrument performance over time. By establishing user-defined acceptance limits, the automated tracking and charting functions will help ensure compliance with the most rigorous QA/QC criteria.

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