Lynch Syndrome SNAP Panel (primers only)

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Swift Normalase Amplicon NGS Panels (SNAP) utilize multiple overlapping amplicons in a single tube, using a rapid, 2-hour workflow to prepare ready-to-sequence libraries. The PCR1+PCR2 workflow generates robust libraries even from low input quantities of DNA that may be subsequently quantified and normalized with conventional methods such as Qubit® or Agilent Bioanalyzer, or optionally using the included Swift Normalase reagents.

The protocol includes instructions for a Multiplex PCR step to enrich target sequences, an Indexing PCR step to amplify and add combinatorial dual indexed adapter sequences, and an optional downstream Normalase step to produce an equal molar library pool.

For Swift Normalase Amplicon Panel (SNAP) based NGS Target Enrichment Workflow please be sure to select one from each of the three categories to complete your order:

  1. Choose a SNAP Multiplex Primer Pool
  2. Add the the SNAP Core kit
  3. Choose a SNAP Indexing Primer Kit

All components have to be purchased individually.


Swift Snap Workflow 450

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