ViraDuctin™ Lentivirus Transduction Kit (200 Transductions)

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  • Up to 6-fold higher transduction efficiency in many cell types compared to reagents such as Polybrene®
  • Easy to use: Proprietary reagent cocktail forms supercomplex with lentivirus
  • Ideal for transduction of nonpermissive cells such as primary cells and stem cells

The rate at which lentiviral vectors bind to and infect cells is mostly controlled by diffusion. During lentivirus infection, only a small fraction of the lentiviral vectors can transduce target cells. Virion adsorption is the limiting step of this process. The use of polycations, such as Polybrene®, is standard in many lentiviral infection protocols owing to the observations of improved infection efficiency. Its

mechanism of action is thought to involve neutralization of electrostatic repulsion between virion and cell membranes, enhancing attachment.

ViraDuctin™ Lentivirus Transduction Kit is a proprietary superior formulation for the transduction of lentivirus:

ViraDuctin is a pair of chemical polymers which works by forming a supercomplex with lentivirus in culture medium. The complex quickly settles down onto the cell surface, and because of the high local virus concentration, a much higher transduction rate vs. using Polybrene® is achieved.

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