LentiSuite Deluxe Kit (includes HEK293TN Producer Cells, pPACKH1, PureFection, PEG-it, TransDux MAX, & Global UltraRapid Titering Kit) 10 preps

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Streamline large scale lentivirus production with SBI's comprehensive LentiSuite Deluxe Kit

  • SBI’s well-proven, widely-published lentivirus technology
  • Optimized reagents that SBI keeps on improving
  • Deep technical expertise from the scientists that develop SBI's lentivirus production products and perform their lentivirus production services

For production and other labs that produce lentivirus particles at large scales and need to obtain quantitative titer information, SBI has bundled everything you need into the LentiSuite Deluxe Kit. Get everything you need to generate high-titer lentivirus particles for any application where stable gene delivery and expression is desired.

Compatible with all of SBI’s lentivectors and constructs, as well as all other third-generation lentivectors, the LentiSuite Deluxe Kit includes optimized reagents to support large-scale virus production, including HEK293T/TN/FT producer cells and the Global UltraRapidTM Titering Kit. This kit provides enough critical reagents to support 10 virus preps from 10 cm plates, or 5 virus preps from 15 cm plates:

*One transduction reaction is defined as 500 µL of total volume in a single well of a 24-well plate.

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