3-D Life SG-Dextran Set

Take advantage of the flexibility of the 3-D Life Hydrogel System:
2 Thiol-reactive polymers (functional PVA or dextran) can be combined with 3 different thiol-containing crosslinkers (either PEG-link or CD-Link or HyLink) for gels with different properties. All components are available seperately.

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Product Description

3-D Life SG-Dextran is a component of the 3-D Life Hydrogel system. It contains dextran functionalized with thiol-reactive groups (SG-Dextran) that can be used together with PEG-Link (Cat. No.L50-1 or L50-3) or CD-Link (Cat. No. L60-1 or L60-3) to set up slow gelling, cell-compatible hydrogels.

Dextran hydrogels can be dissolved by the addition of dextranase (3-D Life Dextranase), which allows the recovery of chemically fixed or live cells for post-culture analyses (e.g. RT-PCR) or for further cultivation.

10 x CB (pH 7.2) is a buffer to control pH and osmotic conditions during gel formation in the presence of cells.

For more information and instructions please refer to the 3-D Life Hydrogel User Guide.


3-D cell cultures; embedment and immobilization of cells or tissues and subsequent recovery of specimens by hydrogel dissolution.


  • SG-Dextran 3 x 170 ul
  • 10xCB pH 7.2 600 ul
  • Water 4 x 1500 ul
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    Cellendes GmbH
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  • 140,00 €
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