DAG (Diacylglycerol) Assay Kit

User Manual
Research Area: Lipid Metabolism
Assay Category: Phospholipid Assays
Sample Type: Suitable for use with cell lysates
Detection Method: Fluorometric

Product Information

Our DAG (Diacylglycerol) Assay Kit measures diacylglycerol in cell lysate samples by a coupled enzymatic reaction system. First, kinase is used to phosphorylate DAG in samples, yielding phosphatidic acid. Next, lipase is used to hydrolyze phosphatidic acid to glycerol-3-phosphate. The glycerol-3-phosphate product is then oxidized by glycerol-3-phosphate oxidase, producing hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide released from this reaction reacts specifically with the kit’s Fluorometric Probe and is detected at ex. 530-560 nm/em. 585-595 nm. DAG levels in unknown samples are determined based on the provided DAG standard curve.

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