Encyclo Polymerase Mix

Specially developed mix of proofreading and highly processive PCR enzymes plus hot start antibodies

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Product Description

Encyclo polymerase produces high yields of PCR products from a wide variety of templates and is suitable for most PCR and primer extension applications, including the amplification of difficult templates and long PCR. It is especially recommended for cDNA amplification because of optimal combination of high fidelity and processivity provided by Encyclo polymerase mix.

  • High processivity
  • Proofreading 3'>5' exonuclease activity
  • Fast antibody-based hot start
  • TA cloning compatibility


Product Use Limitations: Encyclo Polymerase Mix is intended for research purposes only.

Endnotes: PCR is the subject of patents issued in certain countries. The purchase of this kit does not include a license to perform PCR. However, many researchers may not be required to obtain a license. Other investigators may already have a license to perform PCR through use of a thermal cycler with the appropriate label license.

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