Tersus Polymerase Mix

Provides robust amplification of DNA fragments up to 3 kb in length

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Product Description

Tersus polymerase is a specially developed mix of proofreading and highly processive PCR enzymes and hot start antibodies that inhibit polymerase activity at room temperature, preventing non-specific amplification and allowing flexible reaction setup. Tersus polymerase has about 4 times lower error rate than Encyclo polymerase that makes it an ideal choice for cloning and other applications requiring high-fidelity amplification. High specificity of Tersus polymerase en-sures its excellent performance in amplification of difficult templates, such as highly homologous repeats, genomic DNA or cDNA libraries.

  • High fidelity
  • High specificity
  • Fast antibody-based hot start
  • TA cloning compatibility


Product Use Limitations: Tersus polymerase kit is intended for research purposes only.

Endnotes: PCR is the subject of patents issued in certain countries. The purchase of this kit does not include a license to perform PCR. However, many researchers may not be required to obtain a license. Other investigators may already have a license to perform PCR through use of a thermal cycler with the appropriate label license.

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