BlazeTaq Probe qPCR Mix (w/o ROX)

Easy-to-use mixes for probe-based real-time PCR

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BlazeTaq™ Probe qPCR mix is designed for highly sensitive and accurate quantitative PCR (qPCR) that uses hydrolysis probes and DNA as starting material. The kit is supplied with a ready-to-use 5X master mix with a hot-start Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP and all optimized buffer components. Tests show that the BlazeTaq™ Probe qPCR Mix is compatible with diverse real-time PCR instruments and outperforms competitors' products on the sensitivity and specificity of cDNA and genomic DNA detection.​

  • Ready-to-use 5X Premix Solution
  • New antibody-modified BlazeTaq™ hot-start DNA polymerase
  • Blocking of enzyme activity at room temperature
  • More efficient blocking of nonspecific amplification
  • Full activation of polymerase with initial denaturation at 95 ºC for 2 min
  • Optimized buffer system for more sensitivity and repeatability
  • High amplification efficiency, strong specificity and wide linear dynamic range
  • Effective inhibition of primer dimer production

Two Step 20201209

BlazeTaq™ Probe qPCR Mix allows sensitive and potent target DNA detection and quantification using hydrolysis probes. cDNA or genomic DNA as template is amplified by a hot-start Taq DNA polymerase. During DNA amplification, the target-specific probes bound to the target site on DNA are cleaved by the 5'-3' exonuclease of Taq DNA polymerase. Upon cleavage, the unquenched probes generate fluorescence for real-time quantification.

Blazetaq Probe One Step Amplification

qPCR targeting ACTB(A), and B2M(B) using the BlazeTaq Probe qPCR (red) kit and competitor's Taqman qPCR kit (blue) with cDNA from HeLa RNA extract ranging from 100 ng to 1 pg in duplicates.

Blazetaq Probe Competitor Comparison

Performance comparison of BlazeTaq Probe qPCR kit with competitor's qPCR kit by the amplification of B2M from cDNA of HeLa cells.

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