SureScript First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit for gene qPCR array

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A robust experimental design delivers a universal kit suitable for first-strand cDNA synthesis from almost any source of RNA

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The SureScript™ First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit includes a reverse transcriptase and a specialized set of reagents designed to yield cDNA that is optimal for gene cloning, cDNA library creation and quantitative PCR amplification.

The kit uses the Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase, RNase H Minus (M-MLV RT (H–)) which is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase that is used in cDNA synthesis with long RNA templates. The lack of RNase H activity is important in this application in that RNase H activity will start to degrade template during long incubation times which are required for producing long cDNAs. RNase H minus RT enables preparation of long cDNAs and libraries containing a high percentage of full-length cDNA.

SureScript™ First-Strand Synthesis Kit in action

The SureScript™ First Strand Synthesis Kit can be used in combination with the BlazeTaq™ SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix as the first step of the two-step RT-qPCR system to convert mRNA into cDNA; the cDNA can be subsequently aliquoted, stored or used for qPCR analysis.

Blazetaq Two Step Rt Qpcr Amplification

Figure 1. Amplification of actin-β using the BlazeTaq™ two-step RT-qPCR system. A 10-fold dilution series of RNA extracts from HeLa cells were used for cDNA conversion with the SureScript™ First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit. The actin-β cDNA was amplified with BlazeTaq™ SYBR® Green qPCR mix 2.0 with amounts ranging from ~100 ng to ~1 pg.

Blazetaq Two Step System

Figure 2. Comparison of the real-time amplication plots of the BlazeTaq Two-Step RT-qPCR System (red) with competitor A’s (A) and competitor B’s (B) products (blue). A 10-fold dilution series of B2M gene from total RNA of Hela cell extract with amounts ranging from 100 ng to 1 pg.



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