Saliva DNA Isolation Kit - for Research Use

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Product Category: Genomic DNA Purification
Sample Type: Saliva

Product Description

  • Sample collection is non-invasive and painless
  • Fast and easy processing using a rapid spin-column format
  • Isolate high quality genomic DNA
  • Compatible with preserved saliva samples collected using Norgen's Saliva DNA Collection and Preservation Devices, as well as fresh saliva samples
  • CE-IVD marked kit for in vitro diagnostic workflows available

This kit provides a fast and simple spin column procedure for isolating genomic DNA from saliva samples collected and preserved using Norgen’s Saliva DNA Collection and Preservation Devices, as well as fresh saliva samples.

Saliva DNA purified using Norgen’s kit is of the highest quality, and is compatible with a number of downstream research applications including PCR, Southern Blot analysis, NGS, and microarray analysis.


Saliva represents an excellent non-invasive alternative to blood collection. Human genomic DNA extracted from buccal epithelial cells and white blood cells found in saliva can be used in various applications in diagnostics. Saliva DNA can be used for the detection of biomarkers to diagnose a disease, follow the diseases progress or monitor the effects of a particular treatment. Saliva DNA can also be used to diagnose particular types of infections. Isolation of DNA from saliva has become an attractive alternative to isolation from blood or tissue due to the fact that sample collection is non-invasive, the samples can be collected by individuals with little training, and no special equipment is required. Norgen’s Saliva DNA Isolation Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for isolating genomic DNA from both preserved saliva samples and fresh saliva samples.

Kit Performance

High Quality and Yield of DNA from Saliva Samples: Total DNA was isolated from 250 µL of eight different fresh saliva samples using Norgen's Saliva DNA Isolation Kit (Lanes 1-8). For evaluation, 10 µL of each 100 µL DNA elution was run on a 1.2 % agarose gel. Note the high yield and quality of the DNA in all lanes. Lane M: Norgen's Fast runner 1kb DNA Ladder.

Real-time PCR Consistency from Saliva Samples: Norgen's Saliva DNA Isolation Kit was used to isolate DNA from 250 µL samples of fresh saliva. Ten samples were used from same donor. From the 100 µL elution, 5 µL of saliva DNA was directly mixed to real-time PCR master mix (total reaction volume 20 µL), and the real-time PCR reaction was performed. The GAPDH gene was successfully amplified from the different samples without any inhibition and at the same Ct, indicating the isolation consistency and the excellent quality of saliva DNA for downstream applications.

Illumina MiSeq 16s rRNA metagenomics data from saliva samples preserved for over 6 years using Norgen's Saliva DNA Collection and Preservation Devices. The saliva DNA was isolated using Norgen's Saliva DNA Isolation Kit (Cat. RU45400-NB) from saliva that had been preserved for various periods of time up to 6 years at room temperature. A) Principal Coordinate Analysis of 12 saliva microbiomes showing differences in the distribution of taxonomic classifications between samples up to kingdom level. B) Hierarchical clustering of 12 saliva microbiomes based on genus-level classifications, including a bar chart showing the relative abundance of genus-level classifications for each sample in the dendrogram.

Kit Specifications:

Maximum Saliva Input: 0.5 mL preserved saliva, 0.25 mL fresh saliva

Average Yield from 0.25 mL of Saliva: 3 - 7 μg

Average Purity (OD260/280): 1.7 - 2.1

Time to Complete 10 Purifications: 30 minutes

Storage Conditions and Product Stability: All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. These reagents should remain stable for at least 2 years in their unopened containers. The Proteinase K can be stored at either room temperature or 4oC.

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