Platinum-GP Retroviral Packaging Cell Line, Pantrophic

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Cell Category: Packaging Cell Lines
Organism: Human

Product Description

Retroviral Packaging Cell Line with longer stability and yielding higher virus titers

Achieve higher yields of retroviral structure proteins and longer stability in the presence of drug selection

  • Higher viral yields: average titer 10^7 infectious units/mL with transient transfection
  • Longer stability: up to 4 months in the presence of drug selection
  • Three versions available: Ecotrophic, amphotrophic, and pantrophic

Conventional cells used for retrovirus packaging, such as those based on NIH3T3 cells, have limited stability and produce relatively low yields of virus, mainly due to the poor expression of retroviral structure proteins (gag, pol and env) in the cells.

The Platinum Retroviral Packaging Cell Lines, based on the 293T cell line, exhibit longer stability and produce higher yields of retroviral structure proteins.

High Viral Yields with Plat-E cells. NIH3T3 cells (top) and mouse ProB Ba/F3 cells (bottom) were infected with GFP retrovirus supernatant produced in Plat-E cells after transfection with pMX-GFP.

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Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms

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