OxiSelect™ UV-Induced DNA Damage ELISA Kit (CPD Quantitation)

User Manual
Research Area: Oxidative Stress
Assay Category: DNA/RNA Damage and Repair Assays
Detection Method: Colorimetric

Product Description

The OxiSelect Oxidative UV-induced DNA Damage ELISA Kit (CPD Quantitation) is an enzyme immunoassay developed for rapid detection and quantitation of CPD in any DNA samples. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 96 assays, including standard curve and unknown samples.

Assay Principle

CDP-DNA standards or unknown DNA samples are first heat denatured before adsorbed onto a 96-well DNA high-binding plate. The CPDs present in the sample or standard are probed with an anti-CPD antibody, followed by an HRP conjugated secondary antibody. The CPD content in an unknown sample is determined by comparing with a standard curve that is prepared from predetermined CPD-DNA standards.

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