OxiSelect™ Comet Assay Slides (3-Well), 5 x 25 slides

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Research Area: Oxidative Stress
Assay Category: DNA/RNA Damage and Repair Assays
Detection Method: Fluorescence Microscopy

Product Description

The comet assay, or single cell gel electrophoresis assay (SCGE), is a common technique for measurement of DNA damage in individual cells. Under an electrophoretic field, damaged cellular DNA (containing fragments and strand breaks) is separated from intact DNA, yielding a classic “comet tail" shape under the microscope. Extent of DNA damage is usually visually estimated by comet tail measurement; however, image analysis software is also available for measuring various parameters.

OxiSelect™ 3-Well Comet Assay Slides are specially treated for the adhesion of low-melting agarose used in the comet assay. These slides may be used in conjunction with reagents found in our OxiSelect Comet Assay Kit (see below) or with your own comet assay reagents.

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