OxiSelect™ 96-Well Comet Assay Kit

User Manual
Research Area: Oxidative Stress
Assay Category: DNA/RNA Damage and Repair Assays
Detection Method: Fluorescence Microscopy

Product Description

  • Useful screening tool for various types of DNA damage
  • Slides are specially treated for adhesion of low-melting agarose
  • Easy visualization by epifluorescence microscopy

Assay Principle

The OxiSelect 96-Well Comet Assay is a single cell gel electrophoresis assay (SCGE) for simple evaluation of cellular DNA damage. First, individual cells are mixed with molten agarose before application to the OxiSelect 96-Well Comet Slide. These embedded cells are then treated with a lysis buffer and alkaline solution, which relaxes and denatures the DNA. Finally, the samples are electrophoresed in a horizontal chamber to separate intact DNA from damaged fragments. Following electrophoresis, the samples are dried, stained with a DNA dye, and visualized by epifluorescence microscopy. Under these conditions, the damaged DNA (containing cleavage and strand breaks) will migrate further than intact DNA and produce a “comet tail" shape. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 96 assays.

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