OxiSelect™ Human Oxidized LDL ELISA Kit (CML-LDL Quantitation)

User Manual
Research Area: Lipid Metabolism
Assay Category: Cholesterol/Cholesteryl Ester Quantification
Sample Type: Suitable for use with human plasma or serum samples
Detection Method: Colorimetric

Product Information

LDL, so-called "bad cholesterol", is even more dangerous when it becomes oxidized. Oxidized LDL (OxLDL) is more reactive with surrounding tissues and can collect within the inner-lining of arteries. Macrophages, cholesterol, and other lipids can accumulate at the site (atherosclerosis), ultimately forming a plaque that can lead to heart attack, stroke or death. Oxidation of LDL affects both the lipid and protein components of LDL.  The OxiSelect™ Human Oxidized LDL ELISA Kits are enzyme immunoassays developed for the detection and quantitation of human oxLDL in plasma, serum or other biological fluid samples. The kits contain a copper oxidized LDL standard against which unknown samples may be compared. This oxidized LDL assay kit is configured to selectively measure oxLDL in CML-LDL.

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