OxiSelect™ N-epsilon-(carboxyethyl) lysine (CEL) Competitive ELISA Kit

User Manual
Research Area: Oxidative Stress
Assay Category: Advanced Glycation End (AGE) Products Assays
Detection Method: Colorimetric

Product Description

  • Provides rapid detection and quantitation of CEL protein adducts
  • Perform up to 96 assays, including standard curve and unknown protein samples
  • Will not cross react with CML protein adducts

First, a CEL conjugate is coated on the ELISA plate. The unknown CEL protein samples or CEL-BSA standards are then added to the CEL conjugate preabsorbed plate. After a brief incubation, the anti-CEL monoclonal antibody is added, followed by an HRP conjugated secondary antibody. The content of CEL protein adducts in unknown samples is determined by comparison with the predetermined CEL-BSA standard curve. Despite the structure similarity between CEL and CML, the anti-CEL specific antibody in the OxiSelect™ CEL ELISA Kit will not cross react with CML protein adducts.

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