OxiSelect™ MDA Adduct Competitive ELISA Kit

User Manual
Research Area: Oxidative Stress
Assay Category: Lipid Peroxidation Assays
Detection Method: Colorimetric

Product Description

  • Detect as little as 6 pmol/mg of malondialdehyde
  • More specific for MDA than traditional TBARS assay

MDA, or malondialdehyde, is a widely accepted marker for oxidative stress. Cell Biolabs' OxiSelect™ MDA Competitive ELISA Kit provides a sensitive, specific method for detection of this lipid peroxidation by-product.

The OxiSelect™ MDA Adduct Competitive ELISA Kit is an enzyme immunoassay developed for rapid detection and quantitation of MDA-protein adducts. The quantity of MDA adduct in protein samples is determined by comparing its absorbance with that of a known MDA-BSA standard curve. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform up to 96 assays, including standard curve and unknown protein samples.

Assay Principle:

First, an MDA conjugate is coated on an ELISA plate. The unknown MDA protein samples or MDA -BSA standards are then added to the MDA conjugate preabsorbed ELISA plate. After a brief incubation, an anti-MDA polyclonal antibody is added, followed by an HRP conjugated secondary antibody. The content of MDA protein adducts in unknown samples is determined by comparison with a predetermined MDA-BSA standard curve.

Important Note:

MDA adducts are not stable long term. For best results test all samples immediately upon collection, or freeze them at -80ºC for up to one month. MDA may be degraded in samples that have been frozen for longer periods; in such cases more reliable results may be obtained from more stable markers of oxidative stress such as protein carbonyl, 8-OHdG or 4-HNE.

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