AXL Stable Ba/F3 Cell Line

Cell Category: Drug Discovery Cell Lines
Organism: Mouse
Tissue of Origin: Bone Marrow
Morphology: Round
Culture Properties: Suspension
Expressed Gene: AXL tyrosine kinase (GFP-ETV6-AXL) via retroviral transduction

Additional Information

Fusing a kinase domain to a homodimerization domain such as the PNT domain of ETV6 can result in activated kinase. The AXL Stable Ba/F3 Cell Line expresses activated AXL tyrosine kinase that is linked to a GFP reporter (GFP-ETV6-AXL in SED2 vector). Ba/F3 cells expressing activated tyrosine kinase become completely dependent on the kinase activity for survival and as a result, the cells can be propagated even in the absence of IL-3. Due to the fusion, kinase became autophosphorylated resulting in activated proliferation and survival pathways in the cells to be independent on IL-3.

The TAM family of receptor tyrosine kinases consist of proteins which bind to protein ligands Gas6 and Protein S. Though not essential in embroygenesis, the TAM proteins are important during adulthood, involved in regulating biological functions such as the immune and reproductive systems. AXL transduces signals from the extracellular matrix into the cytoplasm by binding to the Gas6. The AXL gene may be involved in several cellular functions including growth, migration, aggregation and anti-inflammation in multiple cell types.

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