CD44v8-10 Stable Expressing MKN-28 Cell Line

Cell Category: Drug Discovery Cell Lines
Organism: Human
Tissue of Origin: Gastric tubular adenocarcinoma
Culture Properties: Adherent

Additional Information

Some isoforms of the hyaluronic acid receptor, CD44, have been correlated with gastric cancer. The CD44v8-10 isoform may be a promising biomarker for the development of theranostic agents of gastric cancer. CD44v8-10 Stable Expressing MKN-28 Cell Line was established via induction of GFP tagged pHRST lentivirus expressing CD44v8-10 to parental MKN-28 cells and were selected for GFP expression. CD44v8-10 Stable Expressing MKN-28 Cell Line may be used in parallel with CD44 Stable Expressing MKN-28 Cell Line (T6185) to study CD44 isoforms and the association with advanced gastric cancer (AGC).

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Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms

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