SEC Component FLAG-AF9 Stable Expressing HeLa S3 Cell Line

Cell Category: Drug Discovery Cell Lines
Organism: Human
Tissue of Origin: Cervix
Morphology: Epithelial-like
Culture Properties: Adherent
Marker: G418 resistant (ecotropic retroviral infection with mCAT1) Hygromycin resistant

Additional Information

HeLa S3 cells are derived from the parental HeLa cell line. To establish this stable cell line, mCAT1 was transfected into the HeLa S3 cells using FuGene HD. The SEC component FLAG-AF9 was then transduced into the HeLa-S3-mCAT1 cells via Ecotropic retrovirus system. This cell line is G418 and hygromycin resistant and can be used in DNA transcription studies.

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Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms

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