QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kit

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Product Description

  • Ultra-fast 45-60 minute procedure
  • Measures the viral nucleic acid content of purified adenovirus or unpurified supernatant
  • Limit of detection: 10^10 viral particles/ml from 100 µl of adenoviral supernatant

Cell Biolabs’ proprietary QuickTiter™ Adenoviral Quantitation Kit does not involve cell infection; instead it specifically measures the viral nucleic acid content of purified viruses or unpurified viral supernatant samples. Each kit provides sufficient reagents to

perform up to 200 assays including standard curve and 20 tests for viral samples and controls.

The system may be adapted to quantitation of other viral types, such as retrovirus.

A lentiviral titration kit is also available, see link below.

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