QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Titer ELISA Kit, 2 x 96 assays

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  • More accurate adenoviral titer than traditional plaque-forming unit assays
  • Faster results: 2.5 days vs. 10 days
  • No agar overlay steps

Cell Biolabs QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Titer ELISA Kit also utilizes an antibody against adenovirus hexon proteins to quantitate infected cells and provides a quick and complete system to functionally titer virus infectivity, it provides sufficient reagents for up to 2 x 96 tests in 96-well plate.

Compared to the QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Titer Immunoassay Kit VPK-109-CB, this assay is useful for titering several samples at once, while VPK-109-CB is more convenient if tittering only a few samples.

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