ViraSafe™ Universal Lentiviral Expression System, Pantropic

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ViraSafe Universal Lentiviral Expression System

  • Transfer Plasmid: Reduce extent of HIV sequences to increase capability up to 10 kb and reduce likelihood of recombination between vector components. Add elements to increase titer and further improve safety
  • Packaging Plasmid: Improve the packaging plasmid to increase performance and reduce the likelihood of recombination between vector components

a. Minimize HIV sequences – no accessory proteins, Tat or Rev, or LTRs

b. Prevent overlap with vector SM by codon wobbling Gag sequences

c. Boost particle production by incorporating adenovirus VAI element

  • Flexible: All vectors including packaging vectors are provided separately to allow end-user to optimize the vector ratio for maximal lentivirus production

Cell Biolabs’ ViraSafe™ Universal Lentiviral Expression System provides a much safer method to package lentivirus, while still providing high viral titers. The sequence homology with native HIV-1 has been reduced by 80-90% even compared with commercial third-generation packaging systems.

In addition, each plasmid is provided separately rather than in a packaging mixture. This allows you the flexibility to amplify individual plasmids and optimize the ratio of plasmids for your experiment.

The expression vector in the ViraSafe™ Universal Lentiviral Expression System does not contain any promoter ahead of the multiple cloning sites, nor does it contain any reporter genes or antibiotic selection markers. This makes the system truly universal by allowing you to introduce your own promoter, marker or reporter that is optimal for your gene of interest or target cell. It also makes the system ideal for promoter studies. The expression vector can accommodate inserts up to 10 kb.

pSMPUW Lentiviral Expression Vector (4632 bp, Kanamycin-resistant)

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