ViraSafe™ Lentiviral Expression System (Puro), Ecotropic

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ViraSafe Universal Lentiviral Expression System

  • Transfer Plasmid: Reduce extent of HIV sequences to increase capability up to 10 kb and reduce likelihood of recombination between vector components. Add elements to increase titer and further improve safety
  • Packaging Plasmid: Improve the packaging plasmid to increase performance and reduce the likelihood of recombination between vector components

a. Minimize HIV sequences – no accessory proteins, Tat or Rev, or LTRs

b. Prevent overlap with vector SM by codon wobbling Gag sequences

c. Boost particle production by incorporating adenovirus VAI element

  • Flexible: All vectors including packaging vectors are provided separately to allow end-user to optimize the vector ratio for maximal lentivirus production

Cell Biolabs’ ViraSafe™ Lentiviral Expression System provides a much safer method to package lentivirus, while still providing high viral titers. The sequence homology with native HIV-1 has been reduced by 80-90% even compared with commercial third-generation packaging systems. In addition, each plasmid is provided separately rather than in a packaging mixture. This allows you the flexibility to amplify individual plasmids and optimize the ratio of plasmids for your experiment.

pSMPUW-Puro Lentiviral Expression Vector contains EF-1a promoter ahead of the multiple cloning sites, followed by PGK promoter and puromycin resistant gene.

pSMPUW-Puro Lentiviral Expression Vector (6145 bp, Kanamycin-resistant)

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