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Packaging an infective recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) requires the presence of certain adenoviral gene products. Cell Biolabs' AAV Helper Free System eliminates the need for a helper adenovirus, making the system safer and more convenient. Most of the required adenoviral gene products (E2A, E4, and VA RNA) are present in a pHelper plasmid; the E1 adenovirus gene is supplied by the 293 host cell line.

Cell Biolabs offers a broad range of AAV Helper Free Systems:

  • AAV native serotypes 1 through 6
  • AAV-DJ, engineered by DNA family shuffling to create a hybrid capsid from 8 different native serotypes; AAV-DJ vectors convey significantly higher infectivity rates compared to native serotypes across a broad range of tissue and cell types
  • AAV-DJ/8, a mutant of AAV-DJ that exhibits increased uptake in brain tissue and other tissues in vivo, similar to native serotypes 8 and 9

NOTE: AAV-DJ and AAV-DJ/8 Helper Free Systems are available for sale to academic, government and non-profit research laboratories. All other purchasers require a commercial license for all fields including research use. Please contact us for license information.

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