Experts in Advanced High-Throughput Genetic Screening Technologies

Our valued and close partner Cellecta was founded in 2006 out of the need for higher quality, more advanced shRNA and other lentiviral libraries. The company's goal was to develop advanced high-throughput (HT) genetic screening technologies and their applications for the discovery and functional characterization of novel therapeutic targets and drugs.

Their genetic screening portfolio includes shRNA and CRISPR screening services, custom and off-the-shelf pooled libraries, and knockout/knockdown cell lines that facilitate genome-wide functional screening and the identification and validation of genes involved in critical biological and disease pathways.

The DriverMap Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Kit allows simultaneous profiling of all human protein-coding genes even from single cells in one reaction, thereby providing a reliable, accurate transcriptome profile with ultra-high sensitivity.

Cellecta offers a vast variety of off-the-shelf products and custom services that enable:

  • Highly customized research using advanced lentiviral technology, including custom and genome-wide pooled lentiviral shRNA, CRISPR, CRISPRa/i, and barcode libraries for any set of genes in any lentivector
  • End-to-end RNAi and CRISPR genetic screening services with pooled lentiviral shRNA and CRISPR sgRNA libraries
  • Reporter cell line development for genetic screens and other applications
  • Custom stable CRISPR knockout, CRISPRa/i knock-in/knockdown, and shRNA knockdown as well as cDNA expression isogenic cell lines
  • Biomarker discovery using targeted PCR and NGS

With decades of experience in high-throughput functional screening, Cellecta's scientists have developed some of the most advanced technologies available in collaboration with opinion leaders and with funding from 16 NIH SBIR grants.

Although a small private company, Cellecta has partnered and published with renowned scientists and institutions, including the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC), The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Harvard School of Public Health, Tufts University, and Health Research, Inc.

Products / Services / Applications

    1. Custom Lentiviral CRISPR/Cas9 sgRNA Constructs and Libraries
    2. Lentiviral sgRNA Expression Vectors and Controls
    3. Pooled Lentiviral Human Genome-Wide CRISPR sgRNA Library
    4. Pooled Lentiviral Human & Mouse Genome-Wide CRISPRa Libraries
    5. Pooled Lentiviral Human & Mouse Genome-Wide CRISPRi Libraries
    6. Cas9 Activity Assays
    1. Custom Lentiviral shRNA Knockdown Constructs and Libraries
    2. Lentiviral shRNA Expression Vectors and Controls
    3. Pooled Lentiviral Human Genome-Wide shRNA Library
    4. NGS Library Preparation Kits for Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries
    1. Custom Lentiviral cDNA Expression Constructs
    2. Lentiviral cDNA Cloning and Expression Vectors
    3. Lentiviral cDNA Cloning and Tetracycline-Inducible Expression Vectors
    1. Lentiviral Packaging Plasmid Mix
    2. LentiPrep Lentiviral Reagent Set with GFP Control
    3. LentiPrep Lentiviral Reagent Set with RFP Control
    1. DriverMap Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling
    2. DriverMap Human Targeted Expression Profiling
    3. DriverMap Mouse Targeted Expression Profiling
    1. Cell Tracking by NGS Barcode Labeling Overview
    2. CloneTracker Lentiviral Barcode Libraries
    3. CloneTracker XP Lentiviral Expressed Barcode Libraries
    4. CloneTracker XP Lentiviral Expressed CRISPR Barcode Libraries
    5. NGS Library Preparation Kits for Pooled Lentiviral Barcode Libraries
    6. Barcode Cell Labeling Kits
    1. Custom Engineering of Knockout Cell Lines
    2. DriverMap Human Exome Targeted RNA Sequencing Service
    3. Sequencing Service for Samples from Genetic Screens with Pooled CRISPR, shRNA or Barcode Libraries
    1. Cas9 Expressing Cell Lines
    2. Cell Lines for SARS-CoV-2 Research
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